Alain Bureau Announces Candidacy in 2018 Municipal Election for Hamilton City Council Ward 3

July 24, 2018 — Hamilton, Ontario

With great pleasure and honour, Alain Bureau enters the 2018 municipal election to represent the best interests of Ward 3 and of the city of Hamilton.

Over the past 4 years, with the encouragement and recognition of other community members and organizations, he has participated in numerous community actions and dialogues. Whether it be on issues concerning housing, transit, or the celebration of our diverse communities, Alain has been present, ready and willing to roll up his sleeves to do the work and take part in the discussion.

A campaign team will be reaching out to residents during the next few months to listen to their concerns and share thoughts on how to make our beautiful community an even better place for all those who are part of our growing city.

“Hamilton and Ward 3 are changing rapidly. Through dialogue between residents, community organizations and businesses, and the municipal government, we can shape our future to create a fair, equitable and inclusive community for all, from all years of age. This is truly dear to my heart — Hamilton is the best city I have ever called home.”