Alain Bureau Campaign Vehicle Launch

On September 5th at noon, Alain Bureau, Ward 3 candidate for city council, launches his official campaign vehicle – a multi-use human-powered cargo vehicle used to transport, children, goods, or almost anything an engine driven vehicle can carry. Active transportation contributes to the health and well being of a community, saves operating costs, uses human energy, and provides an alternate to public transportation. He has chosen a vehicle that is practical and economical, and serves the concept of safe streets and inclusive neighbourhoods.

Nicknamed #TheWardRider, the vehicle supports Alain‘s avid promotion of Cycle Hamilton, and his use of SoBi bikes with a little embellishment during the campaign. According to the Ontario Cycling Strategy, “Cycling improves personal health, reduces health care costs through active living, reduces traffic congestion in urban areas, and promotes a cleaner environment”.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 from noon – 1 pm
Front of City Hall, Hamilton, Ontario